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i live the simple life so to speak, but a bit of an eccentric one. i have an extensive vintage my little pony collection and shelves of only the geekiest lunch boxes around. nerd? perhaps. really i love to collect anything vintage and i enjoy being a big kid entirely too much. i love to sew and make cute things. i am vegetarian; i love to cook and bake. i try and be conscious of the decisions i make in this life. i recycle. i reuse. i compost. i try to live as plastic free as possible. hippy? no. hippies never looked this good in a 50's dress and high heels.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

random acts of pony kindness

so I have had a pony trade in the works for a little while now, with my new lovely friend from the Netherlands, Jeanette. Jeanette doesn't collect ponies, she collects Disney stuff. So the trade was, a French Sunlight for me and in return I bought some Disney stuff off of E-bay for her. I also had my eye on an Italian Applejack and a U.K. Bowtie, but had decided that I would maybe get them another time. well, I got my package today, and it said on the customs forms: 2x ponies and stickers. 2x ponies? must be a mistake. I opened my package and pulled out my lovely French Sunlight that I have been wanting for soOOoo long...ah happiness. but wait, there really are 2 ponies in this box! no? really? Jeanette, you can't be serious. can you? and then there she was, Italian Applejack. I had to flip her over and check her feet just to make sure I wasn't going crazy. seriously, who just throws in an gratis Italian pony? the lovely Jeanette, that's who. I can't even believe how nice that is. She even included a card for me to thank me for the great trade, which I am going to put into a binder that will one day also be the home of MLP brochures and pamphlets. Here are a few pictures of my beautiful new ponies. Thanks Jeanette.

so now I have a pony friend in the Netherlands, which is really cool. I'm looking forward to my next trade with her and getting my chance to spoil her a bit.

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