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i live the simple life so to speak, but a bit of an eccentric one. i have an extensive vintage my little pony collection and shelves of only the geekiest lunch boxes around. nerd? perhaps. really i love to collect anything vintage and i enjoy being a big kid entirely too much. i love to sew and make cute things. i am vegetarian; i love to cook and bake. i try and be conscious of the decisions i make in this life. i recycle. i reuse. i compost. i try to live as plastic free as possible. hippy? no. hippies never looked this good in a 50's dress and high heels.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

one more to go!

well, I finally received my Brazilian Sunlight in the mail!! She is of course stunning! I am so close to finishing this set, it hurts. I can't seem to find that last one though!!! **frustration** My searches for her so far have been fruitless, to the point that I am willing to pay well above the market value for her, which is I believe about $80. because my missing one is the French Sunlight w/ freckles and I already own the one without freckles, my set still looks pretty complete. well, the search the meantime though, here is my Sunlight collection!

HK Sunlight

Brazilian Sunlight

Italian Sunlight

French Sunlight

Greek blue Sunlight (blue clouds)

Greek blue Sunlight (silver clouds)

Greek orange Sunlight

Thursday, May 22, 2008

me and R2's new favorite pony

she's here. she's here!!!

my Greek Blue w/ blue clouds Sunlight is here!! sweetblue, thank you! she is BEAUTIFUL!! and she does in fact smell amazing!! I've been cuddling her since she arrived...even R2D2 wanted a little snuggle next to her!

AWWWW!! now that is love.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

please Greek pony gods...

...please send me a pony in the mail today.

2008 collectors fair exclusives

these are the exclusives for 2008!!

the pink one is for the U.S. My Little Pony Fair held this year in Rhode Island. and the second one is for the My Little Pony Convention being held in Germany. I absolutely love the designs. very Victorian wallpaper-esk.

The U.S. exclusive will only be made available to fair attendees, but me and Karlee have someone going for us to pick a few up!! Maybe next year I will be able to go to the fair, but I have already been travelling a fair amount so far this year, so it isn't in the cards. This girl will be a wonderful consolation though.

The Germany (UK) exclusive has been made available to everyone through pre-order. and I am on the list to receive one!! The pre-order is now sold out otherwise I would have gotten 2.

aren't they just beautiful!

Monday, May 19, 2008

those dirty little mexicans

well...they were!
now after a much needed bath and a little love, they are beautiful.
Bowtie looks a bit day of the dead though, Lol.

Mexican Twilight

Mexican Starshine

Mexican Banana Surprise

Mexican Bowtie

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mexican 'tea and ponies' party

at last!! I'm going over to Karlee's house tomorrow and going through all the wonderful Mexican ponies that Luis brought up with him. I'm really excited.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the suspense is killing me!!

my neighbors probably think I am crazy.
every half hour I'm running out to the mailbox to see if there is a package waiting in there for me. nope. It's only been a couple weeks since I bought my loose Greek Sunlight so I wouldn't be surprised if it takes another week to get here, but I can't wait. I'm so excited for her to arrive!

Later today, I'm headed out to IKEA to find some more pony shelves. I've never had enough room, and quite a few ponies have always lived a box life, but even my girls that I have room to put out, are starting to live in pretty tight quarters. and I have 8 ponies on the way, so I definitely need the extra room. One day they will all have a spot on the wall, but right now i have to be selective, so only ponies in complete sets will be displayed. As I complete sets, more shelves will be bought!

the shelves i wanted were out of stock!! sad. they won't have any more in for 3 weeks!! 3 weeks!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brazil Sunlight and Brazil Butterscotch

I just won an auction for 2 Brazilian ponies!!!
one is Butterscotch. and she is lovely.

the other is Brazil Sunlight!!!
she is GORGEOUS!! look at those symbols, they are perfect!! and...that means I now have a shy pose Sunlight from every country that she was ever made in. To really complete my collection, I still have to find a France Sunlight and an Italian Sunlight...both of which I already have, but they were also released in those countries with freckles and mine have none. I really think that my 2008 goal of completing my SP Sunlight collection might actually be a reality.

Brazil Sunlight

Brazil Butterscotch

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Collector Pose Bowtie and Applejack


I bought these lovelies almost a month ago and they arrived today, after much fretting on my part. This is the second time, different sellers though, that I have bought these 2 ponies and the first time I sent them back to the girl because they were moldy and missing hair...eww. So as the days and weeks went by and I still didn't find them sitting in my mailbox, I started to think, maybe I am not supposed to own these ponies...

At first I was expecting them to take a bit longer because they came from the Netherlands, but then another pony from another seller in the Netherlands that I bought 2 weeks after, came a week before! So I thought for sure something was wrong. Anyways, they are here, safe and sound, and gorgeous.

Friday, May 2, 2008

thrift store finds


Kewpie dolls

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mi Pequeño Pony

thanks Luis for my Mexican Sparkleworks! and for teaching me how to say My Little Pony in Spanish. Mi pequeño Pony.