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i live the simple life so to speak, but a bit of an eccentric one. i have an extensive vintage my little pony collection and shelves of only the geekiest lunch boxes around. nerd? perhaps. really i love to collect anything vintage and i enjoy being a big kid entirely too much. i love to sew and make cute things. i am vegetarian; i love to cook and bake. i try and be conscious of the decisions i make in this life. i recycle. i reuse. i compost. i try to live as plastic free as possible. hippy? no. hippies never looked this good in a 50's dress and high heels.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Greek Sunlight collection completed.

with the money I made at the toy show, I bought a Greek Sunlight blue w/blue clouds loose from a fellow mlp arena member yesterday. I can't wait until she is here. she is the last of the Greek Sunlights that I don't already have.
my other 3 Greeks are on their card and so I am so looking forward to holding her and smelling her wonderful Greek smell...

*drifts off into a vanilla scented daydream*


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

french applejack!

a few weeks ago, there was an auction for a French Applejack. the auction had no description, no shipping details...just this one lonely picture.

she looks pretty nice in the picture, but I've learned that you can't go on a picture alone or you end up with a trashed pony and there is nothing you can do about it, because you didn't ask any questions. so I messaged the seller, about shipping, about a ton of details that I wanted to response. no responses from sellers worry me. but I really wanted this pony. and her bid was still quite a bit lower than I would potentially be willing to pay for her. so i waited till the last possible minute for the seller to reply to my questions, but still nothing...but what if she ended up being beautiful? for such a low price? so I bid. I bid $40. which is half the amount I would have paid for her. and to my surprise actually, I won! if this pony ended up being in wonderful condition, what a sweet deal it would be. but maybe I had just spent $40 on a pony who possibly has a giant black marker streak going down her back or is missing the entire back half of her hair or any number of possible faults.

three weeks later, today, she arrived in the mail.

and she is perfect!! I am really happy with her. no giant black marks, symbols are perfect and even still have their French trademark metallic paint on them, her hair is beautiful. I love her.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Edmonotn Collectible Toy and Comic Show

the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show was today.

It seemed to be a great turn out. Me and Karlee had a booth set up selling ponies, of course. I sold quite a few ponies and got to bring my Greek MOC ponies along to show off a bit. Our booth was right next to Ernie Hudson's (the black Ghost Buster!) which was really cool. You know, sometimes when you see or meet a celebrity out of character, especially when they are an icon from you childhood, it seems fathomable that at one time they could have been that character, but you have to strain to imagine it? do you know what I mean? well Ernie, is not like that. he IS the black Ghost Buster. when I was talking to him, it just seemed surreal to me that he was standing in front of me. I kept wondering why he didn't have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, Lol. If he had pulled out his Proton pack right in front of me and busted a ghost, I don't think I would have been at all surprised.

and Karlee traded me my sparkle baby Starflower(a gift to Shane) for...

Zig Zag the Zebra

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

random acts of pony kindness

so I have had a pony trade in the works for a little while now, with my new lovely friend from the Netherlands, Jeanette. Jeanette doesn't collect ponies, she collects Disney stuff. So the trade was, a French Sunlight for me and in return I bought some Disney stuff off of E-bay for her. I also had my eye on an Italian Applejack and a U.K. Bowtie, but had decided that I would maybe get them another time. well, I got my package today, and it said on the customs forms: 2x ponies and stickers. 2x ponies? must be a mistake. I opened my package and pulled out my lovely French Sunlight that I have been wanting for soOOoo long...ah happiness. but wait, there really are 2 ponies in this box! no? really? Jeanette, you can't be serious. can you? and then there she was, Italian Applejack. I had to flip her over and check her feet just to make sure I wasn't going crazy. seriously, who just throws in an gratis Italian pony? the lovely Jeanette, that's who. I can't even believe how nice that is. She even included a card for me to thank me for the great trade, which I am going to put into a binder that will one day also be the home of MLP brochures and pamphlets. Here are a few pictures of my beautiful new ponies. Thanks Jeanette.

so now I have a pony friend in the Netherlands, which is really cool. I'm looking forward to my next trade with her and getting my chance to spoil her a bit.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Macau Lemondrop and Italian Parasol

these 2 stunning girls arrived in my mail a couple days ago. thank you Leigh! they are just gorgeous. I can't get over how perfect my Macau Lemondrop is. her hair is so thick and her symbols have no bleed to them at all.